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Our founder Mrs. Jessica Silverman was a tutor herself and she loved providing assistance to students. Many students contacted her to provide help for online exams, tests and homework’s. Thus she realized the need of such help for many students and opened the company: Take My Online Exams.com

Jessica loves to cook, listen music and provide assistance in her free time to many students who are struggling in online classes and exams.

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At Exam Assistance, we understand that university exams can be challenging and intimidating. That’s why we provide online exam assistance for all types of exams and portals. With 12+ years of experience, we offer a secure and confidential solution to help alleviate the stress associated with taking university exams.

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If you're asking yourself "Can I pay someone to take my online test/exam for me?", the answer is yes. There are online test takers available to do it for you. Whenever you need someone to take online test, there are professionals who can help.

These online test takers have experience with various types of tests and exams, so you know that the job will be done correctly. They will take the time to go over each question carefully and answer them correctly. Plus, they'll also provide feedback on any areas where you could improve, as well as suggestions for further study if needed.

Using an online service to take your exam is convenient and efficient. You won't have to worry about hiring a tutor or having them come in person; all communication can be done through email or phone calls. Thus your struggle of searching " take my test online" ends here.