Psychometric Tests

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KPMG psychometric tests

The KPMG psychometric tests has 2 parts

  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT).
  • Online reasoning numerical test and an online reasoning verbal test.
  • The KPMG test is hosted by Cubiks

Pay someone to take my PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) psychometric tests

PwC is done by SHL (CEB)

Online reasoning tests has 3 sections

  • numerical reasoning exam
  • inductive/logical reasoning exam
  • Work-style questionnaire test exam

Pay someone to take my Ernst and Young (EY) psychometric tests

The Ernst and Young recruitment has 3 rounds;

  • The application form,
  • Psychometric tests
  • Hall

The psychometric test used to be provided by Saville Consulting Group, Jobmi , CAPP Assessments.

2 psychometric phases

  • The EY Business Behavior’s test,
  • The EY SJT and the EY what’s Your Mindset test.

After this one has to complete

  • The EY numerical reasoning test
  • The EY numerical reasoning test

Pay someone to take my Deloitte psychometric tests

TDeloitte has different stages for the recruitment process

  • Psychometric assessments
  • Aptitude assessments
  • Interview stages
  • Assessment centers.

Deloitte’s stages of psychometric test conducted by

  • Cosmic Cadet
  • Arctic Shores.
  • CAPP Assessments.

Tests conducted are:

  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Numerical reasoning test

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Pay someone to take my Citigroup psychometric tests

TalentQ is the service provider.
The TalentQ conducts logical reasoning test having over 12 options to choose in 75 seconds.

Pay someone to take my JPMorgan psychometric tests

JPMorgan’s selection process has

  • Applicants writing many aptitude tests
  • CV/Cover Letter
  • Essay on their motivation for applying to JPMorgan

JPMorgan tests has 3 sections

  • The SHL numerical reasoning test
  • The SHL verbal reasoning test
  • The SHL inductive reasoning test

Pay someone to take my Bank of America psychometric tests

You will be assessed on the cognitive aspect of

  • SHL/CEB psychometric tests
  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Personality traits

Pay someone to take my Barclays psychometric tests

The selection process of Barclays has

  • SHL (CEB) psychometric tests
  • Barclays Insight Test: SJT-styled questions and aptitude test

Pay someone to take my UBS psychometric tests

UBS assess metrics of an individual i.e. personality and ability tests Tests conducted are:

  • SHL numerical reasoning test
  • SHL verbal reasoning test
  • SHL inductive reasoning test.

On passing all three psychometric tests, one has to go through-

  • Interview
  • Revolving around
  • Individual presentation
  • Interviews

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